Christian W. Jakob is the Director of Investment at FiZ, Head of f>>forward, CFE, entrepreneur and independent consultant. He is currently based in Frankfurt. His motto: Questioning the given. Responsibility for tomorrow. He cares most passionately about start-ups and smart ideas changing the game. Bridging the gap between these ideas and the valuation and financing by venture capital, he combines traditional values and investment practices with modern business approaches. To date, he has privately invested in companies strictly focusing on the individual customer with his everyday needs, in premium food, innovative consulting solutions, intelligent search engines and algorithms, and textile processing. Christian attended University of Bayreuth, Hagen and Konstanz, UNIGE and University College London, focusing on taxation, corporate finance and asset management. He also has received certificates of Harvard University and Manchester Business School. For more information about FiZ and its market and investment approach, please visit
Christian W. Jakob
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